Toyotama-hime: The grandmother of Japan’s first emperor

Toyotama-hime is one of Ryujin’s (the dragon god) beautiful daughters. She married the hunter prince Hoori after he rescued her from a gang who tried to kidnap her. They lived in Ryujin’s underwater palace for several years but Hoori eventually missed the earth and they decided to move to his native village.

She became pregnant and on the day was due, she asked Hoori not to accompany her and to let her to deliver the baby in privacy. Unfortunately, Hoori’s curiosity got the better of him and followed her. As a result he witnessed Toyotama-hime’s transformation into a dragon during labor (since her true form was that of a dragon and not a human). When she realized that Hoori had spied on her, she became furious and returned to live under the sea, abandoning her husband and child.

She sent her younger sister Tamayori to raise her son on the surface. Tamayori and Toyotama-hime’s son eventually married and their child, Jimmu, became the first emperor of Japan.

Toyotama-hime (豊玉姫, Literally meaning: luminous jewel) was the Kaguya Clan head responsible for the development of many of their techniques. Often called the Emperor’s Mother (聖母, Seibo) and Our Lady of Heaven (天国の聖母,Tengoku no seibo), many Kaguya recognize her as the Land of Water’s greatest warrior to date. In a time of never ending war, a women’s position such as hers shocked the Shinobi World. But, her clan respected men and women alike. As long as they could fight till their hearts stopped, they gained recognition as true warriors. She was formally greeted as Lady Toyo by her clan. She chose not to use her surname in fear of her enemies attacking her family.

Her mastery of Shikotsumyaku lead to many Dances being created. Her more simplistic dances were passed down from member to member. However, their are many dances she created that went unlearned simply because of her pure skill and ability.

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