Kur the Dragon

Kur was an underworld dragon and deity in the mythology of Sumer and lived in the empty space between the primal sea and the earth’s crust. According to Sumerian myths, Kur is often seen as an evil and monstrous dragon for stealing a goddess immediately after the formation of the world, making her his wife against her own will.


Translation: Kur means ‘Mountain,’ ‘Foreign Land,’ or ‘Land’ [4]
Type/Species: Draconic Hybrid
Slayer: : Enki, Ninurta
Origin: Mesopotamian Mythology, Sumerian Mythology, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, and the Nether World

After An had carried of heaven,
After Enlil had carried off earth,
After Ereshikgal had been carried off into Kur as its prize;
After he had set sail, after he had set sail,
After the father of Kur had set sail,
After Enki for Kur had set sail [2]
Against the king the small ones it hurled,
Against Enki, the large ones it hurled;
Its small ones, stones of the hand,
Its large ones, stones of reeds,
The keel of the boat of Enki,
In battle, like the attacking storm, overwhelm;

Against the king, the water at the head of the boat,
Like a wolf devours,
Against Enki, the water at the rear of the boat,
Like a lion strikes down.

— The Sumerian Creation Myth

Kur was an enormous serpent, or snake-like dragon, living in the bottom of the ‘great below,’ where Kur kept contact with the primeval waters.

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