Draco from Dragonheart

Other than being a kind-heartened and loving dragon, Draco from Dragonheart (1996) is the last of his kind. However, the best part is that he sounds just like Sir Sean Connery. What more could you ask for from a dragon?


In Dragonheart He gathered all of the dragons together, and made them swear an oath that they would always watch over mankind and help them to grow in wisdom. Not long after, the old dragon died, and at the moment of his death, the dragons’ heaven, the constellation Draco, appeared in the sky.

Draco thrived in Medieval England within a large cave, surrounded by fire and lava. When Einon, a Saxon prince turned king is mortally wounded, he is brought forth by his mother Queen Aislinn and a Knight of the Old Code named Bowen. Begging for him to help, Draco makes the young king swear to rule with justice and virtue, which Einon promises. By swearing this oath, Draco had shared half of his own heart with the young king in order to save his life from certain death. Bowen then offers his services to the great dragon, however Draco tells him to remind Einon of his oath. Immediately after, Draco had realized that he had made a grave mistake and that Einon had not kept his word and became a more tyrannical king than his father and spent 12 years on the run from Bowen who now began hunting dragons, believing them to be the cause of his king’s reign of tyranny. Draco traveled until he and Bowen became locked not only in combat, but also a stalemate that could have led to the demise of both. Draco then gives Bowen an alternative which involves him either them killing each other or to form a partnership.

Draco was a large, old, but very strong dragon with wings bigger than that of a home in a village, enabling him to fly. Like every other normal dragon, Draco was known to produce large amounts of fire and could emit it from both his mouth as well as his nose. He was also known for his immense strength which can be applied into his attacks with his tail, claws and even jaws.

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