As this site is more or less about dragons and draconians, we are to show some samples of human fiction.

Toyotama-hime: The grandmother of Japan’s first emperor

Toyotama-hime is one of Ryujin’s (the dragon god) beautiful daughters. She married the hunter prince Hoori after he rescued her from a gang who tried to kidnap her. They lived in Ryujin’s

The most famous dragon: The Lernaean Hydra

Arguably the most famous dragon of all antiquity, the Lernaean Hydra was a serpentine water monster with reptilian traits in Greek mythology and art. According to Hesiod, the Hydra was the offspring

Kiyohime: The vengeful woman turned dragon

Kiyohime was the daughter of a wealthy man who held an inn for travelers on the Hidaka river. One day, a monk staying at the inn named Anchin fell in love with her. The romance was short lived as the

Ryujin: The dragon god

Ryujin, also known as Watatsumi, is a huge dragon with a long, snake-like body, covered with scales. He is usually depicted with a long mustache, a beard and three claws legs. He lives at the bottom

The Azure Dragon: Protector of Kyoto

The Azure Dragon is one of the mythical protectors of the city of Kyoto. He is said to protect the east of the city. As such, there are many temples built in his honor in the eastern part of the city.

The Hungarian Horntail

The Hungarian Horntail is a dragon native to Hungary and is considered the most dangerous dragon breed. You know him from the film version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where it broke free


Hayao Miyazaki’s glorious Spirited Away is considered by many Anime fanatics to be the greatest anime feature of all time, and it’s due in no small part to the shapeshifting dragon Haku. Unlike his